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Check out MME interviewed in Special Events Magazine

“As the uncertainty of our spring and summer event seasons grew alongside the spread of the pandemic, we knew we had to be proactive with a decision. Events were cancelling or postponing, but for nonprofits, fundraising galas are an essential part of annual budgets and bring in essential revenue.”

With in-person gatherings being put on hold, events are transforming into the virtual space. Fundraising events, in particular, are more important than ever before, and the giving is that much more meaningful.

This past May, MM Event Group, and their production team, Rooftop2Productions, were able to successfully transition the Latino Community Foundation’s (LCF) annual in-person gala festivities into a virtual and engaging event.

Read more about the success of the LCF Gala, the importance of the right technology, and the essentials to engage your virtual audience in the following article from Special Events Magazine, with an exclusive interview with MME president, Marilyn Moss.

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