Say Hello to Your Event Team

At MM Event Group, our team has a shared philosophy that combines a passion for events, professionalism and creativity. Clients are treated to the very best experience in each facet of event management, complete with a personable and engaging approach.

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Marilyn Moss


Best Event Story: 

Finding out four hours before doors opened for Hilarity for Charity 2016 that the party rental company gave our size tables to another client, finding a way to have the correct sizes made from plywood, delivered to Webster Hall an hour before doors opened and watching every single person in the venue, whether it was bartender, AV tech, stage manager, coat check attendant or GM work with my staff to roll the tables into place. We got it done in the nick of time and it smelled like freshly cut wood at the event!

Favorite NYC Moment: 

Parading through the Canyon of Heroes with the New York Yankees when they won the World Series in 1999.

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Lisa Adler

Account Executive

Best Event Story:

One of my favorite event moments was at the Latino Community Foundation Gala in San Francisco. It was our first time producing their Gala and having a lot of experience with Live Ask moments, we were not anticipating what we experienced.  Attendees were jumping out of their seats waving their paddles in the air to donate. Literally every hand in the room was raised to give to this amazing organization. It was an unbelievable moment and it gives me goosebumps again just thinking about it! 

Favorite NYC Moment:

Those every day moments; rocking my babies to sleep while staring out the window at the Chrysler building and city lights, stumbling on a street fair, dinner and drinks outside for hours, late NYC nights that have no end,  taking in the arts, the culture, and the energy of NYC.

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Allison Querro

Account Supervisor

Best Event Story: 

A fundraising event with a surprise performance by John Legend. A room of 800 people has never been so quiet or felt so enthralled.


Favorite NYC Moment: 

Sunsets from NY Harbor with views of lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, city bridges and the Statue of Liberty.

Favorite NYC Venue: 

The Whitney Museum

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Sasha Sicard

Account Manager

Best Event Story: 

It's a small moment, but I felt so proud of myself for managing to recreate a fire using twinkly lights in a historic NYC venue fireplace. It transformed the space into something magical and felt as though it could transport the guests through time.

Favorite NYC Moment: 

Spending the whole day with friends and family on the Fourth of July staking out the perfect spot at Gantry Plaza State Park on the East River to watch the fireworks above the Manhattan skyline. 

Favorite NYC Venue: 

There's something spectacular about finding an escape from the urban landscape and immersing yourself at the New York Botanical Garden.